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What is a Soft Sole Moccasin?

When this term is used the moccasin shown basically has no sole stitched or glued to the bottom of the moccasin. The moccasin is one entire peice of leather. This type of moccasin usually has a heel-to-toe cushioned insole. They are very comfortable (that barefoot feeling). These styles can be worn outside but will of course not last as long as the same type of moccasin with a hardsole.

Double Bottom Soft Sole?

The double bottom soft sole moccasin has an additional layer of leather sewn on the bottom of the Moccasin. This provides greater durability and added comfort. The double bottom soft sole is available on 2 different men's styles


What is a Boat Sole?

A boat sole is a flexible rubber (dock sider) type sole. Which is stitched on to the moccasin out sole. This is our most popular type sole on the women's beaded moccasin.

What Size do I buy?

In out 35, what size do I buy. years of selling Moccasins we have found that most people purchase their regular shoe size. This usually provides a snug fit, which allows the soft leathers of the moccasin to stretch to fit the shape of the foot. A few styles come only in full sizes. In this case we suggest going up the 1/2 size.

Wide Sizes?

The Moosehide styles in both women's and men's are offered in medium and wide sizes. Select slipper styles in both mens and womens also are available in wides. The mens Camp Mocs as well as the womens Grey and brown suede leather Kilty Moccasin come in wide.

What type of care do they need?

You will find that your Moccasins do not require any more attention or care than a shoe. Most customers if they decide to take any special care simply spray them with a leather, rain and stain repellent. The spray protectant Will not effect the color of the moccasin. (when you initially spray the moccasin It may appear to darken the suede leather and sheepskin styles but they will both return to their original color when dry).


Spot cleaning usually can be done with a mild detergent and water. Try a dab of liquid detergent on a damp cloth rub in with circular motions. Rinse cloth, wipe excess soap off the moccasin and let air dry. (Ron) has personally used this method on Deerskin, Moosehide and smooth leather moccasins with great success.

Customers have also washed their softsole suede beaded and suede unbeaded moccasins in the washing machine. Jennifer, our assistant manager, has tried this method with hers and noted. "they come out just fine, I would not suggest putting them in the dryer, and I do place something inside the moccasin when air drying, to retain the shape."

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